FBI Virus Removal Guidelines

FBI viruses are very common. They take hostage of a computer system and display a fake warning using a fake FBI screen. The FBI screen displayed by this virus makes inaccurate claims which state the computer has been used in illegal online activity, or has been neglected.

There are many variants of FBI related viruses which display numerous FBI screens and payment options. The FBI virus payment system is commonly setup for Green Dot Moneypak cards and the FBI virus is often referred to as the Moneypak virus. Other payment systems include game cars and several cash vouchers.

fbi virus

If you are not experienced with computers the FBI virus can be frightening and remove the virus can seem out of reach. In actuality removing FBI related viruses from your computer can be accomplished many different ways. Some removal procedures are simple and some removal procedures require an experienced professional.

How to remove the FBI virus

I have written all the steps necessary in as much detail as I could without over-stuffing a previous post on my website botcrawl.com, here: http://botcrawl.com/how-to-remove-the-fbi-moneypak-ransomware-virus-fake-fbi-malware-removal/

FBI virus removal options/procedures:

Click an option below to scroll to an in page link (named anchor) from my website.

  1. Malware Removal Software – Scan and remove malware
  2. Manual Removal – Remove associated files
  3. System Restore – Restore PC to a date and time before infection (includes different access options)
  4. Safe Mode With Networking – Manually remove files and/or scan and remove malware (reset proxy settings if needed)
  5. Flash Drive Option – Load Antivirus (AM) software to a flash drive, scan and remove malware
  6. Optical CD-R Option – Scan and remove malware
  7. Slave Hard Disk Drive Option – Scan, detect, and remove malware

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